5 Tips To Update Your Wardrobe

24. January 2016

5 tips to update your wardrobe closet organize essentials clothes accessories

Let’s be real here, we could all use a little closet-cleaning every once in awhile.

I don’t know about you, but my closet turns from a place for clothes, to a place for clothes, shoes and just about every other thing I’m not using at the moment.
Here’s some tips to keep your closet stylish (and hopefully clean).

1. Clean out your staples. Socks, T-shirt, Tights, Solid Colors- you know, the essentials. Put them somewhere with easy access; you need to be able to get to them quickly! No one can live without their essentials- make sure you have a substantial amount!

2. Add Details Accessorize! Add some details like new necklaces, jewelry, and hats. Go bold and find your style- no one can own it like you do!

3. Run with color Don't be afraid of letting your true colors show. We all have that one color that works well on us (mine is purple) and we shouldn't be afraid to wear it if we're feeling it. Like I said- own your style.

4. Find your jeans Find the PERFECT pair of jeans and get rid of the rest. Whether you have a go to pair or have bought 4 pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly, get rid of the jeans that you'll "fit into one day."

5. Shoes- stylish and comfortable Stylish AND comfortable? Yeah. The best of both worlds. We all love shoes, that much is obvious. Try and have shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Let’s get rid of the clutter and NOT buy the pair of uncomfortable, super cute heels that you’ll only wear once.

There you have it! Five simple, easy tips to spice up your wardrobe for the upcoming season!

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