Podcast #8 - Tips on Being Positive (from a recovering negative person)

25. March 2016


  1.  Learning not to be negative.

  2. Smile more.

  3. Surround yourself with positive people.

  4. Help people more.

  5. Read uplifting books (Confident Heart)

  6. Remember that no one is perfect.

  7. Don't let people define you.

  8. Don't define yourself by what you see online - IT'S NOT REAL.

  9. Remember that the things people post are their HAPPY HIGHLIGHTS.

  10. You are the only you and though you may not think it's true, there is someone out there comparing themselves to you and thinking you're perfect. 

Book Recommendation - Worth and Wellness Journal

Subscription Box(es) of the Week - Trosta box - The Calm Box

Motivational Podcast Recommendation - Sam Crowley 


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