10 Ways to Transform Your Closet

04. January 2016

10 Ways

You may be thinking, "I've read this Pinterest post 1,000 times and I still do not want to organize my closet!" 


This one is unique because once you organize your wardrobe and style will emerge! 

Here are the 10 ways to transform your closet for the better! 

  1. Take EVERYTHING out of your closet. Donate what you haven't worn in the past year - even the shirt you're sentimentally holding onto because you wore it to that thing and can never wash it again. . . got. to. go. 
  2. This may seem tedious, but investing in matching hangers can make a world of difference. Have mismatched hangers distract from clothing pairing and as weird as it sounds, if you don't like the way it looks on the hanger odds are you're not going to want to wear it. 
  3. When you start putting what's left over back in (I mean it - get rid of it), organize your closet by color. Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Purple. This will make your life 10 times easier because you will always know where "that" shirt is. 
  4. Keep shirts together, dresses together and bottoms together to where you have mini rainbows of clothing hanging in your closet. 
  5. Store your favs and most worn articles in the "prime real estate" of your closet. Right where you can grab them without thinking. 
  6. If you have shelving, color coordinate your bags on the shelves above your clothes. If not, think about investing in one of these hanging cubbies for storing bags.
  7. Organize your shoes on the floor directly below your clothes. If it's winter and you aren't wearing those flip flops or super cute wedges, stick them in the back or store them in boxes under your bed. 
  8. Take scarves and put them in shower curtain rings. If you run out of room, plastic storage drawers are great for scarves! You could also use one of these super cute hangers for your scarves to maximize your space. 
  9. If you have extra wall space, mount a pegboard for your necklaces, earrings and other pinable, wearable items.
  10. Take pictures of your closet and treat it like a store. Take pictures of your "inventory" that way when you're out shopping next you can finally find a pair of sea foam green pants (in the right shade) to match the pattern in the super cute top you bought last month. 


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