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This is my events calendar

Want to book the truck?

Kat wants to take the truck to as many places as possible this year! If you're interested in having the truck at an event, fill out the form below! Every event is different. Don't let requirements below scare you! Fill out the form because Kat would love to talk to you about your event and see what can be worked out! 


How it works:
1. After you fill out the form below you will hear from Kat regarding your event. 
2. There is a $75 deposit to have the truck that is returned based on the following information.
3. There must be at least 12 ladies in attendance and a minimum of $300 in sales to cover all costs. If these requirements are not met, the check will not be returned.
4. At the close of the event, if the amount of ladies and sales has been met the check will be returned! 



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