Bonnie Blush Shift Dress


This cute little shift dress is perfect for an every day outing, but can be quickly converted into the best night out dress. 

Small - 32" Long - Side Length 21" - V Dip 8" - Sleeve Length 17"
Medium - 33.5" Long - Side Length 23" - V Dip 9" - Sleeve Length 18"
Large - 34" Long - Side Length 24" - V Dip 9.5" - Sleeve Length 18" 

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About Kat’s Closet

The goal at Kat’s Closet is for all women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Only extremely well-made, great-quality clothing is offered at Kat’s Closet Boutique. The best part—most of the items at Kat’s Closet are priced under $50.00.

In 2012, Kat's Closet Boutique began as an idea. Kat, only 18 at the time, was attending the local community college while researching all the possibilities. Kat had come up with the idea of opening a boutique while still in high school, and now in college, she was beginning to see the real possibility of bringing her idea to life.

Kat spent a lot of time researching the latest styles and lasting trends to create a style book of foundational items every woman should own. She followed fashion bloggers, keeping an eye out for fashion-forward trends that she could incorporate in her boutique. She took it a step further, finding items that could be purchased from all over the globe that would directly benefit previously poverty-stricken women.

To bring all these great finds to the public, Kat began building a website, ordering product, and bringing Kat’s Closet together. She put her product online and launched her site on April 12, 2014.

Much to her surprise, orders started rolling in. It was a success! But, Kat didn’t stop there.

She started bringing Kat’s Closet straight to customers via trunk shows. She would pack up the entire store (accessories included) and take it to businesses and homes, where ladies would browse and purchase without ever leaving work or home or going online. These trunk shows were successful. She even started having trouble keeping clothes in stock!

Always looking to achieve more, she took things a step further. Instead of lugging tubs upon tubs (over 650 pieces of clothing) of clothing, jewelry, scarves, and purses to and from each show, she decided the solution was to have a mobile storefront.

Kat’s Closet became a mobile boutique!

After finding and purchasing an old Snap-On tool truck, the hardest work began. Kat had to learn patience as the truck was rebuilt from the tires up. It definitely wasn’t easy finding automotive shops equipped to handle a 25-foot-long, 15-thousand-pound truck, but it was important. The body and engine received extensive work to make sure the truck was not only beautiful, but also reliable. With the help of her father (a retired architect), Kat began redesigning the interior of the truck to utilize the space to its maximum potential.

The end result is a truck that is warm, inviting, and most importantly, well-stocked. Kat doesn’t have to lug tubs upon tubs of clothing anymore! She even found space for a dressing room in the truck.

After a lot of hard work and even more patience, the truck was successfully launched August 28, 2015 at a business conference for women business owners.

Katharyn Fish - Kat's Closet Mobile Boutique


About Kat

Beginning the journey to business ownership so early in life has presented its own unique experience. While Kat’s friends were finishing up prerequisites and heading off to universities across the nation, Kat was dreaming of ways to create an online store and storefront while taking classes at a community college.  

Kat is proud to call herself a Christian. Not only is she the owner and idea-generator behind Kat’s Closet, but she also teaches art and music at a local school. Music is a big part of her life, and she continues to offer voice, piano, and guitar lessons in her spare time. She is also very involved in her home church.  

Integrating her beliefs with her business, Kat operates Kat’s Closet with Christian principles as her guiding force. Drawing on wisdom from her family of business owners, she continues to build Kat’s Closet using small-business principles and ideas.

“This entire experience of creating Kat’s Closet has completely changed my life forever. I praise God for the ideas that keep rolling in, no pun intended. I cannot wait to keep growing and keep moving forward with this business and possibly others.”

Kat has a unique perspective to offer others her age. She says, “Once you realize that the world and your life in it is yours to create with a little help from above, the possibilities are truly endless.”




See The Truck In Action

Come browse and check out Kat’s Closet in person. Take a look at the calendar to see where the truck will be next.


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