Velvet Burgundy Dress Back Detail

Velvet is back. This dress is the most comfortable going out dress. The back detail just adds a little something to this little burgundy velvet dress. 

Model is wearing a Medium.
Photos by Jaimerae Photography.
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Hey there! I'm Kat! Owner of Kat's Closet, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Believer, and Fashion Lover. I show people how to make their favorite Pinterest outfits come to life. Want to hear my story? Read on!

How it all started

The idea of Kat’s Closet came along in fall 2013 in a community college coding class. As a final project for this class, I had to create a working e-commerce website. Kat’s Closet was officially born. The idea kept bugging me because I felt like it held real possibility in becoming a company, but I had no inventory to get started. Two months later, I took out a small business loan from my parents and got to buying.

On April 12, 2014, I officially launched Kat’s Closet. It looks absolutely nothing like what you see today, but I was so proud of that website! Not only did I, an 18 year old, non-degreed, with no direction, college student create this website completely from nothing, but it actually worked… all of the buttons! I immediately did what any other 18 year old entrepreneur would do, spam message every single friend you have on Facebook. I was so confused when this didn’t work in my favor and result in sales. 

I started to enter the real world of entrepreneurship and what all that entailed. Believe me, this 18 year old kid had NO idea what she just signed herself up for. Here I found myself, in a starbucks, with my HP laptop, with far more inventory than I needed, a really rad working website and no orders. I was stumped! I got the idea, from God and too many cups of coffee, to bring the clothes to the people!

I had my first trunk show in the fall and it took off like I never could have expected. Though direct sales companies had been around and doing parties for a long time, this was the first time women in my area had ever been to a clothing party. It simply didn’t exist yet. I started booking parties, two, three, four days a week. It was much more work than I could handle. It took about an hour and a half to set everything up and about an hour to tear it back down. Not to mention, loading it in and out of my dad’s Ford Expedition. My arm muscles were starting to show, right along with the bags under my eyes.

Slowly, internet traffic started to pick up and orders were rolling in. At first, I recognized the names from people who had visited the Trunk Shows in the past and not long after that, I had no clue who the women were on the orders. People were telling their friends, who were telling their friends, who were telling their friends, and before I knew it I had a company that was alive and thriving. Not just a working website, but an actual following.

I grew tired of the Trunk Shows, but I LOVED the people. Being stuck on a computer all the time and fulfilling orders is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I started looking into storefronts, but as a  19 year old there really wasn’t much I could afford. Actually, I couldn’t afford anything. I was super discouraged because I wanted Kat’s Closet to grow, but I could not figure out what the next step was. On one of my late night Pinterest binges of looking at store front ideas, a Fashion Truck popped up in my feed.

What in the world?! A store on wheels? I actually thought it was a joke, but of course I clicked on it anyway. I started reading the article and I was immediately blown away at the idea. I started researching the idea and found that Fashion Trucks were sweeping the nation, but they just hadn’t hit St. Louis that hard yet. Only one existed here… and I was going to be next.

Days before my 20th birthday my dad and I drove out into the middle of Illinois to buy the giant hunky-junky metal box we now call Kat’s Closet. After nine months of labor on that bad boy, the previous Snap-On tool truck was fully renovated into a boutique on wheels. The truck launched on August 28th, 2015. The truck has been rocking and quite literally rolling around St. Louis, Missouri ever since. Corporate buildings, salons, restaurants, wineries, breweries, festivals, private parties, high schools, colleges, fundraisers, and so so many other stops.

It’s been quite some time now since the truck has officially launched and many different websites have been built since that day, but Kat’s Closet has only evolved into something much better than I ever thought possible. You can still purchase right here at katscloset.net, you can find the truck out and about several days a week, you can find Kat’s Closet on all the social medias @katsclosetstl, and even shop on some of those platforms as well.

A big THANK YOU to you for reading this far and for visiting the site. It’s Kat here, not some robot generated bla bla bla, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for shopping local. Read on if you want to see who you’re supporting.

About Kat

Kat (n): A mobile boutique owner, casual fashion lover, almost Mrs. Johnson, teacher, blogger, full-speed entrepreneur, devoted Jesus follower, avid coffee drinker, nap enthusiast, and a natural floor-dweller.

I am the brunette behind the madness, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for landing here, for whatever reason brought you here, thank you. You are supporting a 23 year-old entrepreneur who’s dreams are to shape the future of our world, one lady at a time. You are helping fund several ministries, a mortgage payment, making sure my future fur-baby gets to eat, and setting me up for a life that is able to impact many, many others.

You see, I was only 18 years-old whenever I started this journey… and OHMYGOODNESS has it been just that, a journey. From the website, to parties, to the truck, and all of the other adventures in between, I have been the most fortunate person to cross paths with some amazing people. This journey has lead me to life-long trucker-friends and no, not the “trucker” image that just popped into your head. There are more than twelve mobile boutiques in St. Louis now (you can find them linked below) and I have been so fortunate to call many of these bossbabes my friends… trucker-friends. This journey has lead me to new passions, to meet my soon-to-be husband, to have the time for the things I love and so so much more.

On this journey I have had the privilege of teaching music and art, both of which I am extremely passionate about. It has allowed me to support my local church, Crosspoint Church, and other ministries that I hold near and dear to my heart like the Sick and Elderly Program, The Brave Collection, JoyFM, Crisis Nursery, many local schools and churches, both financially and with my time. It has allowed me to find a new love for the outdoors and take time to truly enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. This journey has allowed me the opportunity to go after new dreams, blogs, and more (can’t spill all the beans).

This journey has just started! As you can see, life is full of great surprises, which I am sure you are well aware of. When you sign up for a journey like I did at such a young age, it opens doors that you never even knew existed. I have the opportunity to serve in many areas because I want to, not just because I have to. It is such a honor to be able to help women, young and old, in so many different facets of life.

I used to have this very standard “About Page” (that I actually paid someone to write for me), but something I have learned along the way is transparency goes far beyond a facade of a perfect life. I by no means live a perfect life, claim to be perfect, or have it all-together. But just so you know this is the real me, Kat, typing all of this up and hoping that I caught all of my typos. The lover of work, naps, coffee, Jesus, and shopping. You can email me at hello@katscloset.net and let me know that you read along, it will be me that responds. Or, why not message Kat’s Closet on Facebook, I’ll respond there too. Let me know that you came, you saw, and you're excited to be on a journey too.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for shopping local and checking out all of my trucker-friends below. Come find me on the truck sometime, let’s be friends!


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